I am a somewhat feral, rather thinky kinkster living in California. I have an interest in sharing my thoughts on various aspects of the lifestyle with those who are interested.

Other perches on the Interwebs:
@FeralGargoyle on Twitter
FeralGargoyle on Facebook
FeralGargoyle on FetLife

Why this blog?
One day I got it in my head to start a blog for reviews of some of my favorite toys, stores, online shops, companies, and local events I attend. Why did I get this idea? I haven’t a clue, but I’m running with it for now. I suspect, though, that being a single bisexual lesbian switch with a tendency to growl and purr may present a unique point of view, and is probably worth sharing. I am not your average critter.

Why Feral Gargoyle?
Gargoyles are unique critters that combine both animal and human in to one chimerical package. It’s the perfect parallel and descriptor for the place I feel I’ve been in for most of my life–a critter whose basic animal instincts are a bit more active and heightened than the average Homo sapiens. Though I usually try to maintain a balance, the scales often tip in favor of the animal side. To mundane folk, I often seem like a wildchild who has learned to walk upright and articulate, but will still bite if provoked (or you ask nicely). This state of affairs suits me just fine.

Want to know more?
Ask me anything!


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